Company Profile

1Momentus is a Provincial Distributor, territorial assigned exclusively for Rizal Province with 3 municipalities: Antipolo City, Cainta and Taytay. 1Momentus ensures efficiency and quality servicing to its retailers and providing sufficient inventory and up to date merchandising materials to achieve sales targets. 1Momentus also houses an IT infrastructure and Call Center to provide fast and efficient service to retailers. Through a proprietary software, 1Momentus can support all the data requirements of its Sales team and Accounting.


OUR COMMITMENT is to make it a tradition that this service is available anywhere, anytime and to everyone. We shall walk that extra mile to make that happen everyday. We will make sure that every person with a mobile phone will be enabled to use airtime that is reliable, affordable and always available. In partnership with SMART, we shall be the preferred middle man by both supplier and end user.


1Momentus not only foresees itself as a significant survivor amidst the present cut-throat effort to serve the growing demand of telecommunications, but also as a distinguished player positioned at the forefront of the industry. It envisions becoming the well-respected and most valued partner or competitor in the field of sales and distribution. 1Momentus, within the next five years wishes to realize being number one not only in figure of sales and numbers, but also in credibility and dignified labor towards its business colleagues, co-workers and employees.


Confident that telecommunications is still the foreground of peace and public opinion; 1Momentus is determined to supply all facets of demand in the fulfillment of clearer, seamless and more effective means of communication in country and worldwide.